Beginner Scrapbooking

Are you a beginner to scrapbooking? Have you thought about scrapbooking but never started? Five years ago, I had a closet full of photo albums and boxes full of photos that had not yet made it into albums. Once every five years, the kids would ask to see the pictures and we'd drag them out, take a look and put them away for another five years. I know my folks had photos that had been stored in closets even longer.

When I was introduced to scrapbooking, I was amazed at how beautiful the albums looked with only a few basic supplies. I had never created anything like this before.  Beginner Scrapbooking Albums

I was hooked. Just a few scrapbooking supplies and I was on my way to creating my first album. I've created albums for both of my kids and have also created family albums and event albums. When my oldest daughter left for college, one of the things she took with her, were her scrapbooks.

Folks that know me are amazed, as they know I don't posses any artistic ability. I can not draw or cut a straight line. Yet, my albums come out great.

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Audrey :)
Happy Scrapping

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