Formal Dresses

December 4, 2020


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Structure, styles, and details knock down the barrier between formal and casual with a formal dress.

Consider a rock star who normally wears casual clothes, that is, someone who loves Marilyn Manson and New Order. The tension created by fashion is its extreme opposite to the situation with someone who normally wears fabulous formal clothes, that is, a member of a rock band. So then, what does the rock star do?

Simple: He either has to change his wardrobe to a Alternate, more formal look, or he simply refuses to wear his rock band’s clothing.The essential ingredients to the rock star look are the Substance, the Style, the Atics (or aspects of use), and the Custom elements.

Formal Dresses

Substance is what makes the look “pop” and in turn sets the Stage the Theme. If you’re the rock star who is making art, then the substance of what you’re wearing will be your theater, or rather our “entire body block” as the actress is painted. If you’re a rock band member, then just what you’re wearing will be a selection of your rock band’s total comprised sound. The Theme can be multiple: it could be your influences, fan club, and common practices.

Substance can be the color, the garment shape, or cut. If you’re wearing a “one of a kind” rock n roll garment you’ve created a Signature look and a Statement costume. If instead you’re wearing a mass produced garment it’s just another accessory to your rock star appearance.

Another way to think of the Theme is as a social trend. Both young and old are finding themselves pulling similar motifs. If you like dark colors and continual juxtaposition of two colors, the shades could be sources of envy, tension, or imperious, dreadful combinations.

The same goes for contrasting foot garments, necklaces, and bracelets. Just imagine what could happen if all overlapped.

This is all Extensions of your personality. By being an informed online shopper you will be aware of how to create both a Hugo Boss product and a rock star product in a classic, convenient, less-worn manner.

Your very own extensions of your body, clothes, shoes, and hair can take you to new heights of fashion and creativity.

Normally, we can think of our favorite celebrities to be the greatest source of inspiration for new apparel. But what if the stars aren’t the ones setting the trends?

How about a common shoe fashionista, maybe 30-year old mom of three, who never steps out of her house without classic cosmetics on, but loves her music.

What shoes are now going to be a part of her future?

Maybe she’s very comfortable in her ‘comfy’ wedge summer sandals, the quintessential flatworm (not a toe-peep but a flattering shape with a slight platform) is her constant companion and is equally at home with a denim mini skirt (long or short) and the lightweight windbreaker jacket that she often donned on those early- mornings when she ‘only got ‘a green’ t-shirt.

The quintessential watch shopper, on the other hand, is very much a modern-day Occam, pulling on many layers of their personality simultaneously.

They’re the ones dropping off at the office in something preppy and going straight out in a chic sport coat with no collar, jacket, or accessories, but they’re increasingly opting for smarter, designer looks.

They use their watch as the ‘Apple’ of their outfit, completely natural with subtle analog/digital switching and the inclusion of a leather strap.

Though both sexes can benefit from watching an informative video ‘How to Dress an Hourglass‘ it’s the Rule for the Feminine/Male demographic that is the biggest market, and continues to be true for years ’round.