Finding A New Hair Style

February 8, 2021


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If you are searching for a new hair style, then perhaps you know exactly what you need, but are looking for a hair stylist to assist you in achieving it. In fact, I am going to divide my hair stylist panel into two, because I have found so many wonderful stylists online.

Today’s world is fraught with dates, and Vanessa will be with you to take care of all of them! She has been a beauty consultant for the last six years, and has handled all of the top hair stylists and salons on staff.

If you email Vanessa, she will be happy to give you some hints and show you some styles that you can try. Just remember to do a practice run in the above pictures, to see if things are to your liking.

  1. Short Hair Style: Start with very short layers on a soft, permed, ironed hair style, such as a twist. In this case, if you want highlights, they can be added with a spray can.
  2. Keep it smooth and natural. Let your hair fall slightly straight, so that your curls do not scrunch up the hair. However, for those of you with short hair in which the shaft reaches a little bit below your face, and who want to add hair highlights, you can add highlights about an inch from the bottom of your hair. You want the hair to be flat and straight, with a curl that is under the hair. Curl it on top and then on the bottom following the hair line, and add some hairspray to create the curls. Vanessa will be happy to show you how to create these soft, fluffed out looks.
  1. Medium-length A-line Hair Style: When acustom suitsor a half-up/half-down hairstyle is called for, you can add both soft, natural looking layers, and soft, natural looking curls, to add contrast to the look. The key here is for you to be able to control both the softness and the contrast, to know which is your preference. Curl the hair at the top in the center, and then work your way out gradually, using sections of hair as your guide, till you reach the end of the hair. Then curl the hair at the bottom following the hair line, and add a little more hairspray to create the desired look. Vanessa may suggest that you use about two inch sections, because a smaller section in the hair while curling will cause your hair to pull and separate, which will make the style look less natural.
  2. Long Hair Style: Adding layers, especially soft, textured hair to a long hair style is a very fashionable look. It is a take-anywhere, no matter where you go, as long as you keep the hair sleek and smooth and the layers in the forefront of your mind. I am sure the other members in your hair stylist panel will be willing to help you learn to do this.
  3. Up-do: Adding hairpins and sparkles is a great way to spice up a up-do. Vanessa will be impressed. When you have long hair and want to add some height or even to your hairline, Vanessa will usually be happy to help. You would be surprised at what a few hair pins and a few spangle bracelets can do.
  4. Down-do: Vanessa will be your good friend who will guide you through the ups and then down. This is a style that works very well for your long hair.
  5. Part your hair in an up-do, and add surfaces for texture. Try out an up-do that is decorated with a surface at one end of it. Vanessa will be amazed at how soft your hair looks when it’s twisted in this fashion.
  6. Be bold: Try a surface-to-service fashion look. You want to leave a little something for dramatic with your hairstyle, without looking tarty.

I hope this style works for you. Keep Vanessa on the job, tote the newest hair trend in your group. To get the job done consider the tips outlined in this article. Ask your stylist for the job well done and tell them that you want a straight hair style. How could they do anything more, you ask. Well with a straight hair style you are in the driver’s seat and they’re going to make sure you feel like you have your space.

Artists have been known to use subtle elements, surface treatments and table surroundings to convey their styles and more. You can as well. Just follow the simple rules stated and everything will fall into place.